WAWELA Virtual Walk 2017

 "Family and Friends " Group Pledge


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Wawela Wellness Home: Life Begins Here

Wawela is raising funds to purchase and maintain two wellness homes to be located in Dallas, Tx and San Bernadino, County. The Wawela homes will be used to benefit Cancer Patients and to give hope for the ones who are fighting the good fight. These two homes will provide up to 25 patients a temporary place to stay, change their environment to a more stress-free space while recovering. Wawela will take care of all financial burdens brought by cancer entirely. Patients at these homes additionally will have access to nutritious foods, creative spaces to practice their passion, the services of registered nurses and massage therapists. The goal is to ultimately have at least one Wawela House in each state.

Digital Wellness Package

This extensive digital wellness package includes guidance from some of the greatest teachers and givers from around the world who have come together to share their educational material along with lifestyle improvement techniques for diet and fitness. In addition they have provided life enhancing tools and techniques. In this complete 21 day educational program that is constructed to make an important change in your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Together we will not only eradicate a large number of cancer cases diagnosed each year but prevent many other diseases. This is a holistic view which provides the steps that are crucial to be taken for a healthy lifestyle change and to prevent cancer.


Bring Awareness To Cancer

Prevention And The

Message of Hope.

The Wawela Virtual Walk happening on October 31st is a beginning of a movement. A movement where we come together as one to light up the nation with the awareness “Cancer is Preventable” and “Hope is the Cure”.  Walk a mile at sundown from wherever you are with your Digital or LED candle to spread awareness around the world.

While awareness is only one part, The Cure is to acquire the knowledge and take action steps towards living a healthier lifestyle. Every pledge will have access to a comprehensive 21-Day digital wellness program starting November 1st, to gain the right knowledge to make healthy lifestyle decisions to prevent diseases.

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This is where it all begins...

Battling Cancer is year around it doesn't stop in October.

More than 1.2 million Americans develop cancer each year. A new cancer is diagnosed every 30 seconds in the United States. Since 1990, nearly 15 million new cancer cases have been diagnosed. learn more

WAWELA Virtual Walk 2017

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