This is where it all begins...

Battling Cancer is year around it doesn't stop in October.

More than 1.2 million Americans develop cancer each year. A new cancer is diagnosed every 30 seconds in the United States. Since 1990, nearly 15 million new cancer cases have been diagnosed. (National Cancer Institute)

2016 Sponsors

2017 Sponsors

Brighton Collectibles

 Giving back to the community

Over the past three years Brighton Collectibles at Firewheel Mall in Garland, Texas has been supporting our mission by donating a portion of every Power of Pink bracelet or accessories to our organization. To receive one of their memorable bracelets join their mailing list for this years newest bracelet to be released this September.

Make this House a Home

Help WAWELA Cancer Support complete the first phase of securing a Retreat Home where patients who are being treated for cancer can come and be rejuvenated.

We have licensed/registered professionals who will be offering top quality service to make our guest feel at home, creating a relaxed environment and comfortable rooms to  be rejuvenated.

Our guest will receive healthy nutritional meals, they'll be able to relax in the sauna, undergo cleansing techniques, engage in fitness/meditation along with emotional therapy through painting.

​Contact us at 901-299-2887 to learn more about WAWELA's Retreat home and how you can get involved.

Call Us: +1.4698559707

Breast of Texas

Dragon Boat Team

Looking for a little fun out on the lake? WAWELA has partnered with founders Jason and Katie Gass to help build their team by recruiting Breast Cancer survivors to compete in local and international competitions.


It is the mission, purpose, and duty of The Breast of Texas Dragon Boat Team to provide breast cancer survivors with the opportunity to go on a journey to promote health and fitness, breast cancer awareness, have fun, fight for their personal strength, and know that they are living proof there is life after breast cancer! breast of texas boat team


Sponsorship Opportunities

An opportunity with you in mind.

All participating sponsors will be promoted through media materials, invitations and event materials, promotional materials,displays, and company logos will be displayed on our website

WAWELA Dance Party

November 4, 2017

Sponsors Zumba/V-Fit Instructors, Laura Rodriquez and Varita Wilson Newton are natural trailblazers for the cause, every year gets bigger and bigger as they raise awareness through fitness and dance. Join this years party as a participant or a volunteer by subscribing to our mailing list