What is your Why?

If someone you know has impacted your life why not share your story.

There's not a day that goes by that reminds me of my "Why". After six years of watching my sister Darnetta battle with breast cancer, it wasn't until the day after her passing that my "Why" and her "Why" connected. She was my mentor and quite the entrepreneur I might say.

Her vision of having an organization that catered to the financial, spiritual and physical well being for patients being treated for cancer was well drafted out. As a visionary she understood the importance of time and planning, therefore the vision of running an organization of such magnitude would soon come into fruition. 

In Loving memory of our parents and sister

Gwendolyn Hudson - Ovarian 1979
Ozell Hudson - Breast 1995
Darnetta Jones - Breast 2003

Our Mission

WAWELA is a declaration of well being originating from the African Bantu tribe which means  "All is Well".  Town citizens would host an annual gathering in which the needs of the less fortunate were satisfied by their more fortunate neighbors.  Everyone that had excess items or abundance of wealth would bring their gifts to the gathering for all to enjoy, at the end of the celebration everyone in attendance would leave with their needs met. 

We invite you to join in the celebration!

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PROVIDE tangible resources to aid individuals being treated for cancer (food, rent, utilities, gas/transportation for appointments)

EDUCATE society on how to live a have a better quality of life through fitness and nutrition

ADVOCATE for the unheard and the unseen people who are "Waiting for a Cure"

About Us

In February, 2003, Founder of WAWELA, Darnetta Jones, passed the baton to her sister Patricia McCoy,  to carry out the mission to offer temporary financial relief to under-insured patients undergoing treatment. For over a decade WAWELA Cancer Support has been raising awareness through fitness and nutrition as a preventative measure for others to lower their risk of developing chronic illnesses such as cancer. 

Touching and changing lives, one life at a time is what we do.