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This is their story....

From Emergency Medical Tech Flight Paramedic

to being a patient

Rodney's Story

I am a 43-year-old married for 24 years with three wonderful children.  My life career began in 1993 as an Emergency Medical Tech., saving lives and ended with the highest position, a flight paramedic for South Texas AirMed in McAllen, TX out of McAllen International Airport.  We would transfer patients in life sustain predicaments to higher level of care hospitals throughout the United States on Life Support "Common equipment for air ambulance included medications, Ventilators which are mechanical breathing, ECG's, monitor units, CPR equipment, and Stretchers. An Air Ambulance is staff with Highly Intelligent Flight Paramedics which offers unparalleled Medical care and bedside to bedside transportation. That was my life 24 hours/7 days a week.

 Unfortunately, this all came into a complete halt when I was diagnosed with stage 3 papillary thyroid cancer which was removed via total Thyroidectomy on December 15, 2014 which took 3 hours of surgery.  I was in recovery room with my wife, coming out of anesthesia when the doctor came into our recovery room stating that I had to go back into the operation room because the lymph nodes that he sends to test came out positive for now Metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma, follicular variant, Multifocal, dominant tumor on right side.  Medial margin positive for tumor.  Extra thyroid extension present to all 6 lymph nodes.  Malignant neoplasm of the thyroid which metastases toward my spine with Follicular, Papillary carcinoma that radiates towards my spine and underwent another 3hr. surgery. They removed all my thyroid and removed all my lymph nodes from my center of my chest and tried to remove as much of the cancer they could because it was on my nerves, lasting 6 to 7 hours in the operation room.  I was given l- 131 ablation radiation pills that would stay in me for the next 8 months.

Every two months I have lab work done with sonograms every 04 months and must do this for the next 5 years.  Dr. stated even with 100% removal of cancer It may come back stronger or the same level so for the next 5 years I will be seeing doctors and having labs, sonograms, X-Rays done when prompt. 

Currently I'm unemployed because of my medical conditions that have kept me home bound.  This has been a big Burdon to my family and myself because I’m unable to pay for bills or do recreations with my family that we usually would do on holidays and summer trips.  As of today, I have had 15 surgeries from removal of 6in. of my large Intestines because of diverticulitis to Spinal Fusion of my spine which I have had complications with some of these surgeries in the past 2 ½ years.  I currently have 24 doctors that I see almost daily and have 54 medications that I take on a daily basis.   I’m still being monitored by physicians and I’m on year 2 ½ years from 5 years.

I am in great debt to cancer supporter Patricia McCoy who has helped me and my family with groceries, helped with electric bill which I wasn’t able to pay.  She has even been there to talk to about some of my mental daily stresses I have.  I was a person that people would go to for medical help and now I’m the patient not a paramedic.  This is hard to swallow, 24 years saving lives and now I need saving.  I’m in extreme pain from head to toes with mental depression, acute anxiety, PTSD with limited range of motion.  I wish I was able to obtain equipment such as a infrared sauna to help with pain and help with financial situations problems I have.  We have been struggling through each day just trying to make ends meet, trying to keep current with bills but unable to causing our bills to go into collections.  As a middle-class family, we never imagined we would wind up in the situation were in now, any donation is a good donation and is kindly appreciated.  May God, bless you all.

Best of Health and peace 05/17/2017,

Rodney Lee Ramos